Buck Mountain

I climbed a mountain on Sunday.

I'm fortunate enough to live at the base of the Adirondack Mountains, so there's no shortage of places to choose from when you want to go for a hike. When Kelsey suggested we hike Buck Mountain, I didn't hesitate before agreeing to go with her.

Full disclosure: I wasn't 100% sure what I was getting myself into. I did a little Googling before we took off on Sunday morning, read that it is not considered one of the high peaks, and figured I would be able to handle it.

It was no joke, guys.

I also half-jokingly wanted to take some photos for Tinder (spoiler alert: GUYS LOVE TO HIKE).

Here's what I learned:

1. My social smile is improving.
2. I can fake a "Hello!" like no other.
3. If I sweat enough, I no longer have to pee.
4. Crumple a receipt for a few minutes, and it's basically a tissue (no, it's not, but I had no choice).

And most importantly:

5. I can climb a fucking mountain!

It was about 3 or so miles each way, and there were a few times I had to grab ahold of a rock and pull myself up, but once I got to the top, the view was incredible- which made everything worth it.

Next up: Cat Mountain (for obvious reasons).