lately || may edition

{but, really, you guys}

making // tacos! If it seems like I'm always making tacos, it's because I am.

eating // 'bout to get my hands on another Chobani flip cause I can't help myself.

drinking // booze! water! arnie! (that's Arnold Palmer to you)

reading // Jack Kerouac's On the Road. I have read so many good books lately- stay tuned for a post about them!

listening // to Mumford & Son's new album Wilder Mind. I'm over the whole no banjo thing, and I'm digging their new sound. But it's hard not to love Marcus' voice, amIright?

watching // I'm slowly playing catch up with Mad Men. I just don't want it to be over with. It took me almost a month to watch the Parks and Rec series finale, so call me in two years when I finally work up enough courage to watch the Mad Men one after it airs.

bookmarking // lots of pictures of white hair. My goal is this color by my birthday.

wanting // a kitten. A female, to be exact. Black and white. Named Magpie. I'll call her Maggie or Mags for short. But I haven't really thought about it, honestly (wink wink).

looking // forward to a weekend in Boston at the end of the month!

enjoying // sleeping with my windows open.

waiting // for an Etsy purchase to arrive. I know it said it would take up to 6 weeks to arrive, but I was hoping that was an April Fools joke. It was not.

wondering // when it will be acceptable for me to complain about how hot it is? Here in New York we get about 2-3 weeks of solid spring weather, and then it quickly turns to 80 with a chance of swamp ass.

loving // the tiny (and I do mean tiny) bit of color I got from sitting outside on Sunday. I looked in the mirror yesterday morning and thought, "Jesus, I look flushed!" UNTIL I REALIZE IT WAS KIND OF A SUN BURN.

needing // to clean my bedroom. The rest of my house is always picked up, but I sleep with a pile of clothes next to me every single night because I HAVE A PROBLEM.

wearing // some clothes from said pile.

smelling // my coffee! It's iced coffee season, yasss!

noticing // the sun staying up later and later.

knowing // the best is yet to come.

laughing // at early morning text messages. 

daydreaming // of a pedicure. My feet are not cute at the moment.

feeling // wild.