Stream of Consciousness

1. Packing gives me anxiety. It shouldn’t- because I certainly don’t travel out of the country, or to deserts- I won’t even go on a cruise ship. So I have to remind myself that if I forget a toothbrush, there’ll be a CVS or Rite Aid or Walgreens around the corner from wherever I’m staying. 

Hell, I’m staying at a hotel in Downtown Boston this weekend- they probably have free toothbrushes at the front desk. 

2.  I’ll never be over Noah and The Whale breaking up. They were on my list of bands I want to see live. Maybe they’ll do a reunion tour? A girl can dream. 

3.  I thought about eggs and mayonnaise on my way to work this morning and honest to goodness almost threw up in my mouth. 

4.  I’ve been making overnight oatmeal using Lauren’s recipe for the past two weeks. I wake up every morning excited to eat breakfast, which is something that has never been the case for me. See also: eggs make me want throw up. 

5. Tequila, you know? 

6. Apparently polyester shorts with elastic waistbands are “in” so excuse me while I buy multiple pairs and act like I’m into fashion. When, in reality, I’m into getting away with wearing pajama bottoms in public, basically. 

7. The heels of my feet are starting to crack. So, that’s a thing about me now. 

8. There are rumors that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting a divorce. MOM AND DAD! NOT YOU, TOO. 

9. Can we stop with the gym selfies yet? 

10. The 2015 summer tour starts in 15 days! In total, Kelsey and I will be seeing The Avett Brothers 11 times between June and September. I can’t wait to see Scott’s face (and butt). 

11. I am SO PUMPED for the Entourage movie and I don’t know why. I haven’t finished the series (although I plan to before I see the movie). Anyone else excited about it? No? Maybe? 

12.  But, seriously, tequila. Gimme.