What about you?

The first sip of my iced coffee each morning that’s 30% coffee and 70% milk. How close I live to cities like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.  Blog posts and emails written by strong, courageous women. Windows down and music up with an open road in front of me. My nephew calling me Aunt Lissie. Climbing into a bed with clean sheets. Hotel phones. Discovering new music. Re-discovering old music. Decorating my house with pictures of my great-grandmother, and items that belonged to her. My cats! Long weekends. Bookstores, and record stores, and hole in the wall antique shops (especially that one in Columbus!). Walking out of spin class after a really good workout. Guacamole, and crack onion dip, and pub cheese. Sunday walks that end with good coffee and from scratch muffins. Finally nailing that pose in yoga. 

And the list goes on and on, so...to be continued.