A message.

I'm working on speaking my mind.

About what I expect from someone, what I want from someone, what I need from them.

A clear indication of what's going on in my mind, so that there's no guessing, or muddled feelings, or mixed signals. 

And not just when I'm pissed off, or annoyed.

Because that's always been easy for me, you know? I've said before that anger comes very naturally to me- it's the one emotion that I'm comfortable with. But even so, verbalizing that anger in a productive manner takes practice.

And telling someone how you're truly feeling when it comes from a place of sadness, instead of anger- well, that takes practice, too.

A lot of practice, if you're me.

So when I finally worked up enough courage to send a message to someone who has been on my mind more often than not lately, I was scared. My hands were shaking and my heart was racing, but I knew what I had to do, what I had to say.

I was met with silence.

A quiet reminder that personal growth is just that: personal. Not meant for him, but for me. And I'll continue to grow within the peace of knowing that I'll never have to wonder, "What if I had just said something?"