READING: My co-worker just let me borrow of her copy of Cheryl Strayed's novel Torch. Since I loved Wild and Tiny, Beautiful Things, I'm hoping to fall in love with this, too. I have to do a book haul soon- maybe once I finish this book?

EATING: Lots of quinoa and steamed broccoli. Not nearly enough pizza. Oatmeal every morning. Handfuls of trail mix.

WATCHING: Well, I cruised through the latest season of Orange is the New Black in a cool 4 days. Anyone else finish it? What did y'all think? Now I'm back to watching Entourage, and also a lot of YouTube. It's been a while since I binged on YouTube- does that mean I'm growing up? Say it ain't so.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Two words - RED ROCKS. Kelsey and I are headed there in a few weeks to see The Avett Brothers (shocking, I know). I've only been to Colorado once, and it was for work, so I didn't get a chance to really explore. Anyone in the Denver area have any recommendations for places to eat? Shop? Get into a little trouble?

THINKING ABOUT: Those two escaped convicts. Have you heard about them? They've been on the run for two and a half weeks, and the prison they escaped from is roughly 140 miles North of where I live. I'm fascinated by this man hunt. I'm also convinced I will look out my bedroom window one morning and see them standing in the woods behind my house.