"I've been around the world,
and never in my wildest dreams,
would I come running home to you." Imagine Dragons, I Bet My Life

"The problem with falling in love in late night bars,
is that there's always more nights, there's always more bars.
The problem with showing your lover your scars,
is that everybody's lover is covered in scars." Frank Turner, Plain Sailing Weather

"These days we go to waste like wine, that's turned to turpentine.
It's 6am and I'm all messed up.
I didn't mean to waste your time, so I'll fall back in line.
But I'm warning you, we're growing up
." Brandi Carlile, Turpentine

"I'm tired of running 'round looking for answers to questions that I already know.
I could build me a castle of memories just to have somewhere to go." John Prine, Clay Pigeons

"But I can tell by watching you,
that there's no chance of pushing through.
The odds are so against us,
you know most young love, it ends like this." The Avett Brothers, I Would Be Sad

"I was born, I've been running since.
Done things that made no sense.
There was a devil in me, I had to set him free.
New moons over old desires,
things burn if you set them on fire.
I've learned you've got to be courageous.
In time, everything changes." Langhorne Slim, Strangers