lately // late july edition

The Avett Brothers // CMAC // 7.29.15

feeling // stupidly tired. And I say stupidly because instead of going to bed at a decent time last night, I trolled through tumblr and Instagram for over an hour. Can someone please take my phone away from me promptly at 9pm every night? And also when I'm drunk and want to tweet people I shouldn't tweet.

craving // water, more sleep, Johnathan from Property Brothers...

watching // Entourage! If it seems like I've been watching it forever, it's because I have been- and I'm only halfway through season 5. It's not because I don't like it- I love it, actually. It's because my attention span can only last through 1.5 episodes, if that.

listening // to a lot of Hozier. Have you heard this song? I can't get enough of it.

drinking // a lukewarm coffee.

reading // NOTHING. Any recommendations?

cooking // Does boiling pierogies and heating up cans of peas count as cooking? I miss cooking actual meals, but I haven't been around enough to justify doing so. I also really miss soup- is it fall yet?

thinking // about what I need to pack when I get home from work tonight. The next stop on this summer tour is tomorrow in Shelburne, Vermont.