9 Ways in Which I know I’m Growing Up

1. I’m in bed no later than 9:30 during the week. My phone is face down on silent on my night stand no later than 10.

2. I went to the DMV and settled all the paperwork for my new license almost TWO months before my current one expired. While I still procrastinate a lot, I’m making progress (or in this one very specific instance I am).

3. Soda is a treat. I don’t buy it; therefore it’s never in my house. And I’ll only order it occasionally when I go out. And that usually causes me to squirm because the carbonation HURTS, or is it just me?

Also, for the record, I’ve been diet soda/fake sugar free for n.i.n.e. months and feeling great. I’ve also been drinking coffee without sugar for about six months, and quite frankly, I miss it. But I’m getting used to it.

4. When my laundry is done in the dryer, I take it out right away and fold it. No more leaving clothes or towels in the dryer for days on end, causing those wrinkles that you cannot get out unless you wash said item again.

5. I check my mailbox every day. This—well, this might seem a little crazy. Like, why the hell haven’t I been doing this all along? My bills are paperless, so unless I’m expecting something in the mail, I only ever get junk mail. But that adds up, and quickly. So now I stop at the end of my driveway every night when I get home, check the mailbox, and grab whatever is in there.

I’m still working on getting the junk mail into the garbage right away, instead of letting it pile up in my car. Baby steps!

6. I have one of those pill containers that allows you to separate your pills for each day of the week. I bring it to work with me and keep it in a drawer next to my utensils, so that I always remember to take my vitamins and allergy pill when I eat lunch. I bring it home on Fridays and fill it up for the next week.

Remembering to take my pills on Saturday and Sunday still proves to be a challenge.

7. I have extra of things, like paper towels and bars of soap and salad dressing.

8. I clean my house before I go away because it makes coming home a little easier. 

9. I understand (and embrace) the importance of quality over quantity. Yes, it's nice to have a closet full of clothes-- but clothes that aren't going to fall apart in the wash is even nicer.