How to Cheer Yourself Up

Make your favorite meal for dinner two weeks in a row. Eat leftovers every night and be grateful that you only have to take care of yourself,  and that there's no one to complain about eating tacos yet again.

Buy a new color of nail polish and when you realize you really like the way it looks, buy another color from the same brand. Invest in a top coat and watch in amazement how a simple at home manicure can look instantly professional(ish).

Instead of buying new clothes, try a different combination of clothes you already own. Mix up shorts with a different shirt, or pants with a tank top you haven't worn all summer. 

Go to Sephora and spray samples of perfumes that you can't afford on a handful of test strips. Put your favorite one in your purse so that whenever you open it, that's what you smell.

Give yourself a night off- from doing laundry, from emptying the dishwasher, from any type of cleaning whatsoever. Watch a movie you haven't seen in a while and find a new reason to love it.

Print out the quote "Good Vibes Only" and tact it to your desk at work as a constant reminder that other people's pissy moods should not affect you.

Do not allow your forward progress to be derailed by a Snapchat.

Spend 5 days mentally preparing for a trip to Walmart. Make a list on your phone of things you need and be sure to add a few items that you want, too.

Treat yourself to pizza afterwards because successfully navigating Walmart is no easy feat.

Begin to realize that you no longer have to tell yourself to be happy every morning; that you already are when you wake up. You've officially outsmarted the dark cloud was hanging over you...and just in time for your favorite season.