Stream of Consciousness

I lit my first fall candle over the weekend, and even though it was a small candle, the scent managed to make its way into every room of my house. I could not be more excited for this upcoming season.

And because of that, I need new clothes. Like, desperately. Not in an I shouldn't get this, but I'm going to! kind of way-- but rather this shirt and these pants are going to fall apart if I wash them one more time kind of way.

With my birthday and Tiff's visit both around the corner, what better time than now to go shopping and treat myself to a new fall wardrobe?

Or at least a pair of jeans and a few new sweaters.

And new boots.

And new scarves.

But, the shopping will have to wait until Friday night, since that's the only time I have to go this week. Busy doesn't even come close to describing September.

Over the weekend a friend of mine asked me to come over for drinks and my honest to goodness answer was, "How about sometime in October?"

I'm watching Gilmore Girls for the first time ever (just started season four) and it's bringing back so many feels about being in high school and the early stages of dating and all that crap that I haven't thought about in years.

I dated a guy on the football team ~classic girl move~ who was so dumb, but so cute, and also dumb with no personality, and while that's part of my history, I wish I could go back and tell myself, "DON'T DATE THE FOOTBALL PLAYER!"

Speaking of dating-- I'm actively not trying. That's what people always say to do, right? Sure.

Lately I've been switching my glasses up and wearing different frames based on outfits, or just how I'm feeling that particular day. But two pairs of glasses is not enough for me, so I jumped on the Warby Parker train (a year late) and I'm awaiting my at-home trial pairs to see which one(s) I want to add to my collection.

If I'm going to be four-eyed, I'm going to be four-eyed in style.

Speaking of eyes: has anyone else seen these adult color books? Like the ones with crazy patterns that make your (my) eyes hurt? How are they supposed to help you unwind? I don't get it! To each their own I guess, but I don't know how coloring a picture that looks like a Magic Eye image is going to help you relax.

What's new with you?