checking in || the end of october

feeling // I accidentally sprayed hairspray in my right eye this morning. If that doesn't explain how I'm feeling, I don't know what does.

craving // Cannoli cake. Oh wait, silly me-- there's some on my desk. Excuse me while I eat this for breakfast...because I'm an adult.

watching // I'm on the last season of Gilmore Girls-- about halfway through, and losing steam by the minute.  I can't get into this last season for some reason, and typically it's because I don't want a show to be over with. In this case, I can't wait for it to end. And where's Jess???

I'm also really into Homeland this season (Peter Quinn <333). And I'm behind on The Walking Dead and Nashville. And want to start House of Cards and The Affair-- can you tell winter is coming and I'm preparing to hibernate?

listening // I got into my car yesterday after work and said (out loud, to myself): "It's a Red kinda day!" So, yeah, I'm listening to a lot of Taylor Swift circa 2013.

drinking // I have an announcement: I found a type of tea that I actually like. I don't drink it every day, and yes, it kind of makes my tongue feel hairy (what's with that?) but I like it nonetheless.
reading // I just finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes last night. I'm already jonesing for my next fix, and can't wait to pick up the sequel, Me After You. Have you read either of them? LET'S CHAT.

cooking // My friend Kate gave me a recipe book full of soups and I think I'll be taking 4-6 months off from work so I can stay home and try them all out. I'll post any success stories.

thinking // Of all of the things I need to get done before my house guests arrive in a couple of weeks. Remember when this happened? Well, it's happening again, and my mom is most excited.