Life Goals

Shirt goals {via}

I had to write out my 2016 goals for work the other day. It was nice being asked to set my own goals, rather than being told what they were. I guess it's supposed to help motivate you? Or so they say.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how normally the only thing I associate the word "goal" with is a really chic outfit, or a haircut that I will literally never be able to pull off because I'm not Jennifer Lawrence, but, like, what if I got a pixie cut?

And so I decided to write down some personal goals for 2016, with the mindset that if I write them down I WILL FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THEM. But if this post magically disappears in 6 months, you'll know why.

1. I told my friend Kate that my goal for 29 is to be toned AF. The legs? The legs are well on their way. But I've never (ever, ever, ever) had upper body strength. So I've been working on my arms, and if I flex juuuuust right, you can see definition. Or maybe it was a shadow? Either way: TONED ARMS = goal #1.

2. Write more often, even if what I write does not see the light of day on here. It's tough deciding what I should post and what I should just keep to myself. I sat on this post for three weeks before hitting publish, but I'm glad I did. What I've decided is that no matter what, I need to be writing things down. I get grumpy if I don't.

3. Become a better adult when it comes to things like politics, or at least know enough to have my own opinion. I'll never be one to chat you up about the latest news in Washington (unless you want to talk about Veep and how Dan Egan can get it) but it would be nice to at least be informed about what's going on.

4. Stop putting things off. What's better than a flush bank account after payday? NOTHING. NOT A DAMN THING. So much so that I will wait until the last possible millisecond to pay my bills because having money is nice. But those bills are coming no matter what, you know? So I might as well pay them before I blow all of my cash at Target.

5. Be nicer to my parents. Because we could all work on that, right?

Do you set goals for yourself? If you do, plz leave me detailed instructions as to how you follow through on them because lord knows, I'm going to need help.