checking in || early december

feeling // overwhelmed. I shouldn't complain- I can count on one hand how many people I buy Christmas presents for. But I've been taking that for granted, and by that I mean, I've bought one thing for one person. My goal is not to go to a mall or a store unless I have to, so if it's not available through Amazon Prime, they aren't getting it.

craving // Chinese food. Lasagna. Mashed potatoes. Soup. CHEESE. You name it, I've been thinking about it.

watching // The Affair. I'm on the third episode of the second season, so no spoilers! But how handsome is Joshua Jackson? His character turns out to be even more of a douche, doesn't he? NO SPOILERS.

listening // to a lot of Adele, and a bit of Christmas music, and always those Avett Brothers. Can we talk about how this has been on repeat for, I don't know, 2 months?

drinking // so much coffee. Like, an inordinate amount. I've also been consistently staying up past my bedtime (you know, 9pm cause I'm old) so story checks out.
reading // you can all be my friend again- I'm done with the Twilight books. I still have to finish Me After You, and then Kelsey has a few suggestions I need to check out.

cooking // I'ma let you have one guess.

wearing // heels - can you believe it? I'm obnoxiously tall, but I'm learning to own it and all that jazz.

looking // forward to this weekend (Brandi Carlile!), and next weekend (New York City!), and Christmas, and everything else in between.