checking in || mid-january

feeling // tough. I guess it's a combination of going to spin classes, kickboxing classes, AND yoga classes almost every day for the past two weeks all while feeling like a discarded POS that caused me to wake up this morning wishing I could walk around with my middle fingers up all day.

craving // carbs.

watching // Parenthood! Apparently I'm a huge fan of starting a series once it's over with. But I just finished season one and can't wait to get home tonight to start season two. NO SPOILERS.

listening //
to "Monster" ever since Adele rapped Nicki's verse in this video last week. And podcasts! Dear Sugar Radio was my lifeline over the weekend.

drinking //
I've cut Arnold Palmer out of my life, so now I'm only drinking coffee in the morning and water throughout the day. GUYS, HOLD ME, it hasn't been easy.
reading //
okay, so what am I not currently reading is more like it. Here's a list of books I'm in the middle of: Brooklyn, Big Magic, Me After You, You Deserve a Drink (I only have one chapter left, though!). What the hell happened to me? Why can't I finish a book?

cooking //
I haven't cooked in weeks, honestly.

wearing //
less makeup. Well, eye makeup, anyway. But sometimes I show up to work looking like I'm going to the Met Gala, and that's all well and good until I try to fight back tears at my desk and my eyeliner BETRAYS ME AND GIVES ME AWAY. So, less eye makeup at work is the solution for now.

looking // forward to a trip to NYC next month to see Mike Birbiglia (again) and to meet up with an Internet friend and her adorable baby boy - ahhh!!