Lately I spend my time thinking about:

Warm nights spent outdoors around a fire. An impromptu barbecue with a small group of friends. Mastering the art of garage sailing (sale-ing?) (doesn't matter) and {finally} finding some comfortable furniture for my deck. Wearing shorts (although I don't missing having to shave my legs every day), and sandals. Deciding halfway through dinner that ice cream for dessert is a must.

Up until a few years ago, I didn't know the winter blues was a ~thing~ for me. I was generally unhappy no matter what time of year, so I didn't associate bad moods or funks with snow on the ground or temperatures barely hovering above zero.

But now I live for the days when I open the blinds in my house, allowing the sun to flood in and warm everything in its path.

I'm not in the business of wishing time away, but man oh man what I wouldn't give to be able to fast forward through March. I can't ignore the feeling that so many good things are on the other side of those 31 long days.

So here's to hoping they go by quickly.