Guys, I didn't mean to come off like a whiny little bitch yesterday. I didn't meant to post for the first time in weeks (honestly, weeks) and be all, "Why don't you guys like me?"

When the comments and tweets started to come in, I felt like I needed to post a retraction: I DIDN'T MEAN TO COME ACROSS LIKE THAT, I SWEAR.

What I meant was: maybe this isn't the space for the type of thing I want to write about. And maybe that's why Wordpress has been tempting me, leading me to believe I should start fresh.

I'm not worried about comments on my posts, or no comments on my posts, because let's be real-- when I used to average 25-30 comments per post, I was writing about the Real fucking Housewives.

And, for the most part, when I post something extremely personal like the emails, I turn the comments off.

So, it's not about the comments. Or lack of comments. Or guilting you into commenting.

It's about the content.

What I was getting at yesterday was that I want to know what can make this blog fun again-- for me, and for you. And maybe super-long winded posts about me and my boy troubles isn't it.

So, that's what I'm stuck on: the content. And things are going to remain radio silent around here until I figure that out.