checking in!! // october

feeling | Okay? I guess? Today, I feel okay. It varies day to day, hour by hour lately.

watching | Shameless started again this week and I'm P-U-M-P ~PUMPED~. Tell me you watch it? Let's talk about how good the first episode was.

listening to | Lake Street Dive on repeat. I saw them for the third time this week and I can't get enough of Rachel Price's voice (and over all ability to be the most perfect human being).

reading | TBH, I haven't read a book in MONTHS. My attention span has been shit lately. Give me a recommendation, please? Looking at you, Michelle.

Also, I promise to start reading your blogs again. See also: my attention span has been shit.

getting excited about | November. Well, I'm getting excited/scared out of my mind for November but I'm not telling you why because I love HASHTAG VAGUE BLOGGING. But something is happening November that will either put me in an early grave or land me in jail. It honestly could go either way.

making | I don't know what, but I'm cooking something this weekend. All of my favorite recipes are very appropriate for colder weather, so I'm excited to start making them again. Maybe soup? We'll see.


*smash cut to me making tacos instead of soup*