What's Happened

(since I saw you last)

1. A lot of doctor appointments.

I'm determined to turn 30 with a clean bill of health. Mind you, I still have 5 months until my birthday but for whatever reason, I feel like it's next week. I went to the eye doctor and found out that my eyes are better and (surprise!) the glasses and sunglasses I just bought in December now contain a prescription that is too strong.


Speaking of grool, or, um, drool, I've also been to the dentist. Two cavities later (my first two EVER) and I'm all set until my next cleaning appointment in October. But let's talk about how weird it is to have your mouth numbed.

Next up: a physical and an OBGYN appointment. Tradesies, anyone?


2. I saw those Avett brothers again + met Avett Internet friends IRL.

The first ~weekend on the road~ was quite the production: 3 shows in 3 nights in 3 different cities. But we kicked things off with a show at Madison Square Garden and by "we" I mean there were 8 of us total. It was a few of my friends from home plus friends that I've met because of the band. It was incredible, to say the least. And totally worth the blister that I got from the new boots I wore to the first show. 


3. A handful of dates.

And all with the same dude, no less! But fear not, I'm not hiding anything from you. I was kind of meh about him from the beginning (despite the fact that I continued to go out with him) (I was hoping for a late in the game spark) so it was nice when we both mutually ghosted on each other.

The search continues...


4. I finished Parenthood.

Crosby/Jabar/Joel 4ever. Sydney/Max/Drew 4never.


5. Kelsey and I met The Property Brothers.

We took a Sunday jaunt down to lovely Ridgewood, New Jersey (no, really, it's beautiful there) and went to a book signing that they were doing for their new book, Dream Home. Let's just say that I had been practicing my ~cool guy smize~ FOR WEEKS only to walk up to them and completely CHEESE in the photo.  Here's proof:


It all happened SOFAST but they were both really sweet, and to answer your burning question re: which one is hotter in person: the answer is Drew.


Now, please, tell me something new about your life.