The Great Divide


So things are ...a little different, no?

I'm excited to debut this new space to all of you, and have to admit that I've been dragging my feet for a week or two because I've enjoyed keeping it to myself. Or maybe I've just enjoyed the lack of pressure (I put on myself) to post.

But then I checked my stats on the old site and realized folks were still checking it daily (!!) so I figured it was time to give the people what they want. Or at least what I hope you want.

Here's how things are going to work around here: when I want to write, you'll find new posts under the "Blog" tab. When I produce and edit a video, you'll find it under the "Vlogs" tab. When I want to share what tunes are keeping my feet dancing, you can listen to them under the "Music" tab.

Pretty straight forward, I think.

I hope to make this site a more grown up version of my previous blog and I hope you continue to follow me through my next chapter in life. You know, my 30s. *faints*

As for the old blog, it will remain live for another week or so and then I will shut it down. All of my previous posts (seriously, every last one of them) can be found on here, if you're ever feeling nostalgic.

If you followed me through Google Friend Connect (is that even a thing anymore?) then you'll have to switch over to Bloglovin (ONLY IF YOU WANT TO). If you've been following along on Bloglovin then I *think* I switched all of you over so that you're following the new URL.

 But just in case, click on this fancy icon below and you should be all set.

So, tell me, how have you been?