checking in || late may

feeling | like I'm falling apart. The amount of KT tape I currently have on random parts of my body is comical. I fall asleep every night laying on a heating pad. My coworker just gave me some type of ointment that is supposed to help with ankle pain. Going out of my 20s in style, I guess.

watching | Old episodes of Sex & the City.

listening to | I have a couple new (to me) band obsessions I would like to share with you.

#1: Fitz & The Tantrum
Start with this song. Then this.

#2: The Tallest Man On Earth
Start here. Then go here.

I (of course) have tickets to see both bands in the upcoming months. I'll report back.

reading | I finished After You last week and it just didn't do it for me. Not like Me Before You did, at least--meaning I didn't cry, at all.

But that's okay, because this book is arriving tomorrow and I'm only 99.99999% sure I'll sob through most of it.

getting excited about | seeing Lake Street Dive at Ommegang on Saturday. They opened for The Avett Brothers the first night of Red Rocks last year. I had never heard of them but I was hooked by the second song.

making | tacos. I'm nothing if not consistently consistent. 


How are you?