What I Believe

I believe in the Universe and horoscopes and signs. I believe that songs and books and movies and people come into your life at the exact moment you need them, and not a second sooner. I believe you have to put your trust in something bigger than yourself. I believe in showing up—again and again and again.

I believe in the messier parts of life-- uncomfortable conversations that last only a few minutes but can change everything. I believe in allowing yourself to truly be upset by something-- sitting with it and questioning it and learning from it. I believe in taking as much time as you need to move on-- in doing the work to make yourself stronger and ready for the next wave of life.

I believe in typing the email and hitting send-- in sending the text you've been wanting to send for months, and throwing your phone across the room and going for a walk while you wait for a response.

I believe in getting your hands dirty-- digging into the muck and dragging yourself forward, inch by inch. I believe in coming up empty. I believe in trying again.

I believe in putting yourself out there and being turned away because it builds character. I believe in allowing yourself small victories, because it keeps that character intact.


I believe in friends who look you in the eye and say, "I'll kill him!" after you tell them about what went wrong with the last man you dated.

I believe in being the friend who says, "I'll kill him!"


I believe that building trust takes time, but losing trust can happen in a second. I believe in before and afters-- in moments so significant, they divide your life into pieces. And that those pieces eventually come together. But you're not privy to that timeline, you just have to trust that it will happen.


I no longer believe that vulnerability is a weakness. I believe it is a strength that's not used enough.


I believe a 45 minute spin class can turn your mood around, because endorphins are a thing and doing something good for your mind and body is never a bad investment. 


I don't go to church or say my prayers before I go to sleep at night. I don't wear a cross around my neck or know the Hail Mary off the top of my head. But I do put a lot of trust in things I can't see, and talk to the Universe like we're old friends.


And I believe in myself. Because to me, that's the most important belief a person can have.