Quote, Unquote: The end of writer's block.

"If I approach a situation as the casual, cool girl then that's how I'm treated. So I approached this with him as something serious. I told him that last May. Hey, I want something serious and if you don't, that's your choice but I'm not your girl. And yet I was still discarded, months later-- via text, no less.

My sister-in-law has said for years that if she were a guy, she would date me. I'm fun, I'm pretty, I have a good job and a good family and a good head on my shoulders, so she doesn't understand why I'm still single. And I said that guys don't think like that. To guys who aren't ready or who think they are but turns out they aren't (like the last one), I'm a fucking freight train. And I'm barreling through.

But the thing is... I am all of those things. And so are you. So that's what makes the whole "it's them, not us" thing even worse. Because what I am supposed to do? What are you supposed to do? Lose your job? Get knocked up and hope some other guy comes along to support you? Those are extremes, but if doing all of the perceived right and good things aren't working, then what the fuck will?" - me, in a text message to a friend