how to fight the winter blues

Stay inside. Relax with a good book or movie and some comfy clothes. Start a new TV show, or take a nap. Relish in the fact that it’s cold outside and you are warm and safe in your home.

Invite coworkers to your house for dinner. Appreciate that you finally work with people you enjoy hanging out with outside of the office.


Go to Sephora and spray samples of perfumes you can't afford on a handful of test strips. Put your favorite one in your purse so whenever you open it, that's what you smell.

(^^ That was a trick I mentioned before. It still works, trust me.)


Paint your nails. Or don't. Go to sleep early. Or don't. Go out to dinner. Or don't. Just stop keeping score. You're going to be fine.


Cry. Cry as much as you want. Getting it all out helps.


Have nightly dance parties by yourself in your living room. Because 1) it’s (sort of) exercise and 2) it’s good for the soul.

But still remember to actually exercise. Endorphins truly are a thing! Use them to your advantage.


Host game nights. Don’t worry about not knowing any of the answers to Trivial Pursuit. 


Eat pizza. Lots of it.


Let your friends in on a little secret-- maybe you're not doing as well as you appear to be. Ask them to participate in a ridiculous activity that will cheer you up. Be thankful for the ones who do. Be extra thankful for the ones who agree to make t-shirts and bring temporary tattoos.


Remember that the snow will melt, the temperatures will rise and as cliche as it sounds, this too shall pass.




And then go get yourself another slice of pizza. You deserve it.