p o d c a s t s

Fun fact: My favorite Saturday afternoon activity is laying in bed while listening to podcasts. Or, I crawl into bed extra early at night so I can listen to a few episodes before I fall asleep.

Below are a list of my current favorites:

  1. Dear Sugar Radio: I am a Dear Sugar/Cheryl Strayed cult follower 100 emoji. I was first introduced to Cheryl a few years ago when I read her book Tiny, Beautiful Things. Since then, I've tried to get my hands on anything she's involved with—especially this podcast, which she co-hosts with Steve Almond.

    Cheryl and Steve read letters from listeners and offer their best advice. Some topics I can’t relate to directly. However, those tend to be my favorite episodes because they open my mind to issues other people are struggling with (and I think we could all use a little open-mindedness these days, don’t you?). Other episodes make me jump out of my seat because YES! the last guy I dated *did* compartmentalize his life.

  2. Call Your Girlfriend: I have to give a ~shout out~ to Brooke Lyn for introducing me to this podcast. She mentioned it in a snap a few months ago, and like the troll that I am, I immediately checked it out. It was love at first listen.

    Released every Friday, it's hosted by Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. They tackle everything from Trump (they refer to Trump coverage as "Cheeto Watch" and that will never not make me laugh) to the downfall of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian-- and everything in between.

  3. Terrible, Thanks for Asking: If you spend any amount of time with me you know that I talk about Nora McInerny like her and I are old friends from elementary school. But, whatever-- if we grew up going to the same elementary school, we would be friends. I know it!

    This podcast debuted last fall (and is currently on break while they record season two, so now is a good time to catch up on season one). Each episode tells the story of someone who has really gone through some shit. Many of us brush off the question, "How are you?" but this podcast allows people the chance to really answer it.

Other podcasts I've started listening to (but haven't listened to enough to give a full review of) are: Dinner Party Download, Why Oh Why, and The Hilarious World of Depression.

What are you listening to? Tell me!