checking in || late july

craving // Moe's or Chipotle or Chili's or anything of the like.
watching // The Keepers on Netflix. I'm about halfway done with the series, so no spoilers.

listening //  I've been into a lot of new podcasts - another podcast post coming soon.  Houndmouth has been on repeat. And in honor of the end of July, give this song a listen.

drinking // Black coffee. Water. The usual, you know. But I want to talk about sour beers - do you like any? Tell me your favorites, if you do.
reading // 
Becoming by Laura Jane Williams.

cooking //  Not a damn thing. I think the last time I cooked was Cinco de Mayo and I wish that was a joke, but it isn't.

wearing // My hair curly, and everyone has something to say about it. Especially male coworkers who think it's acceptable to say how cute it looks. *eye roll* Let's not, boys.

feeling // Not to jinx it, but...I'm feeling great. Well, emotionally-- I'm feeling great. Physically, I feel bloated and my mouth still hurts from where I had a wisdom tooth pulled last week. I'll survive. Lots of fun, creative things on the horizon and I'm feeling stoked about it all.