stream of consciousness: is it september yet?

I have a lot of things to look forward to and ...well, none of them are in August.


Labor Day weekend equals a day at the track, two concerts, and a wedding.

My brother's wedding...that I'm officiating. I have to be careful not to say, "I'm marrying my brother!" because that's weird, and also illegal.


The weekend before my birthday, Kelsey and I are flying down to Memphis for an Avett show, then road tripping to Franklin, TN (near Nashville) for this festival. The Avetts are playing there, too, and Justin Timberlake is one of the headliners. Like?? I might not survive.


THEN, the weekend after my birthday, we're going to NYC to see Hanson. My OG favorite band of brothers! Let's talk about how good Taylor Hanson looks in white pants.


And, somewhere in between all of that craziness, my sister-in-law will have my nephew. She's due on the 15th, but we're taking bets on whether or not she'll go into labor during my other brother's wedding on the 2nd.



Last week I went shopping for a dress and ended up buying two pairs Chelsea boots instead. And I can't say "Chelsea boot" without using an English accent because of this video.

I'm looking forward to being able to wear them, but mostly I'm looking forward to not having to shave my legs every day.


I got a Yankee Candle catalog in the mail this week and I would be liar if I said I didn't rub this scent onto my wrists and wear it around my house like it was perfume.

And I would also be a liar if I said I didn't just order one because it's on sale for $15??? And I can use PayPal? TAKE MY MONEY, YANKEE CANDLE. TAKE IT.

I ordered $80 worth of candles when I was drunk at my own Cinco de Mayo party this year, so impulse candle purchases is something I need to work on.


I don't want to wish away summer. I've spent many days laying by a pool, working on the first tan I've had in literal years, but there's just something about September, you know?


Don't even get me started on Halloween...that's for another post.