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"You don't know what's coming. You don't know who you'll meet and how. I've heard so many love stories start with 'he was so unexpected...' I've heard stories of total life pivots coming from a chance encounter, a risky new job, a last ditch effort to try something new, a rock bottom whim. We've been attracted to the wrong people for the wrong reasons, seeking their affection or their bodies or their coolness to heal insecurities from middle school, self-hatred that thinks it can be erased by kissing the thing that hurt it. We've wanted a specific career only to achieve it and find it empty of meaning. We've wanted marriages to escape loneliness and ridicule, only to end up more lonely with a shiny fake smile. We think we know how things should be and how they will arrive.

We don't know what's coming in our lives. We are all those doomsday pastors, predicting the day and time of Christ's return, only to shrink in embarrassment as time and again our predictions are wrong.

How beautiful if we could let life happen and say thank you and trust that it will teach as it teaches. And we will listen and hear. If we could just hear the testimony of those ahead of us, who keep telling us the truth, over and over." - Jedidiah Jenkins


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