checking in || early september

craving // Thanksgiving. Like, in general, but mostly the leftovers.
watching // I have four episodes of Ozark I need to finish this weekend. I crushed Friends from College in a few days. And I'm re-watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning. TV = lyfe 4eva.

listening //  Oh good lord, I have Taylor Swift's second new single ...Ready For It? on repeat. It's so catchy!!1! I'm also listening to Lorde -- Perfect Places and Liability, to be specific.

drinking // Iced coffee for another few weeks. Not ready to switch to hot coffee yet.
reading // 
I'm re-reading Wild but I want book suggestions for when I'm finished, so leave them below!

cooking // This weekend I'm making autumn soup. I think I posted a recipe on here years and years ago, but I can't find it. Maybe I'll re-post it? Are posting recipes still a thing? Are blogs still a thing?

wearing // My Chelsea boots around my house because it's not cold enough to wear them outside just yet -- but soon!

feeling // Busy, busy. If you emailed me about the ~podcast project~ I haven't forgotten about you! I'll be reaching out soon to set up times to chat. And if you haven't heard about it, but want to participate, you can read more about it here.