day nine: what i wanted to be when i grew up

Every year in elementary school we were given a blank, white book. It was up to us to write stories and draw pictures and fill the book with all the exciting things that happened that school year.

We also included our school picture on the inside or back cover, along with a little about the author blurb.

In the about the author section of my book from kindergarten, I wrote that I wanted to grow up and be a mom.

In first grade, I wrote that I wanted to grow up and be a teacher.

By second grade, I stopped including that sentence all together.


In high school, I wanted to direct and edit music videos. In college, I wanted to edit movie trailers. I spent my late 20s recording and editing vlogs, so I guess that's how it all shook out.

I have an Associate degree in early childhood education I don't use. I'm not a mother.


I've always found this difficult to answer: what do you want to do? who do you want to be? what do you want to have?

Whenever I'm asked if I want kids, I respond with: I'd like a nice boyfriend first.


Let's start there, you know?