day twelve: a list of firsts

I can't remember my first kiss.

I know there were two boys in seventh grade that kissed me, but I can't for the life of me remember which one happened first.


My first concert was Hanson. I left modified soccer practice early and bragged about having box tickets that my uncle got me through his work. I wore a band t-shirt I ordered off of the back of an Eggo Waffles box.


The first time I had my hair highlighted I was 15 and hungover. I threw up into the towel that was around my neck and threw it in the garbage.

I can't remember the first time I drove a car, but I do remember taking my driving test, not being able to parallel park, but passing anyway.


My first love was a boy with jet black hair, olive skin, and piercing green eyes.

My first heartbreak was the same.


I still have a lot of firsts ahead of me, but the one I'm looking to the most is the first time I board a plane to Europe.

Next year *fingers crossed*.