day eighteen: things i've learned that school didn't teach me

Let's be real here: there's not much from school that I a) remember and b) found useful. I know we all joke about learning math but never having to use it, except that's not a joke and I almost graduated without a Regents diploma because of it.

ANYWAY, enough about my poor math skills.

  1. Under no circumstances should you ever put a bra in the dryer.
  2. You can do everything right and still come up empty.
  3. Your cover letter is more important that your resume.
  4. Thin Mints are better if they are kept in the freezer.
  5. Your period is only going to get worse with age - hooray!
  6. Don't let other people make you feel bad for not living your life the way they live theirs.
  7. Don't take shit about things you like - a particular band, a movie, a TV show, yellow Starburst. Unless you like The Big Bang Theory, in which case, do you know what real comedy is?
  8. You can (and should) say no to people. You know your limits better than anyone else.
  9. Listen to your friends and family, but rarely take anyone's advice.
  10. Happy tears are a thing. Sad tears are obviously a thing. Drunk tears are definitely a thing. But the I'm so fucking frustrated all I can do is cry tears are by far the most surprising thing I've learned about in the fourteen (14) years I've been out of school.

I told you mine, now tell me yours.