day twenty + twenty one

day 20: what my current self wants for my future self

I'm one of those people who believes you can Secret the shit out of your life, so here's a list of things I want for my future self. Hopefully by putting them out into the Universe, and continually reaching for them, they'll work themselves out:

A sick wardrobe full of items that fit me flawlessly.

Long, healthy hair I don't dream of cutting off.

The ability to take a compliment.

A trip to Europe that results in me falling in love with an international DJ and maybe that's the plot line of the movie Ibiza but who's to say.

Bravery... at work, in life and in love.

A successful podcast!

To live somewhere that's warm and sunny for more than three months out of the year.

And lord help me, a new car.

day 21: a playlist

I make monthly playlists on Spotify. Here's the one I made for May.