Hi. I'm Alissa. And I'm pumped you're here.



Let's get some basics out of the way: I'm 32, I reside in Upstate New York with two unruly cats, and I'm recognized by both name and order at my favorite local pizza place and coffee shop (which, for the record, is a Dunkin Donuts).

I spend as many weekends as I can on the road, following bands around (mostly The Avett Brothers) and going to comedy shows. I love to listen to podcasts, scroll through Twitter and I'm working really hard on establishing a nighttime face routine.

I like to talk about murder at the dinner table. And I’ll never resist a that’s what she said joke.

I walk a fine line between a girl who wants to discuss lost love and living your truth, and a girl who wants to record herself trying to eat as many McNuggets as she can while wearing a Snuggie.

A girl who accessories her glasses with her outfit but has fingerprints on her lenses 24/7/365.

A girl who is a little bit graceless and a little bit a lady.

FYI - my record stands at 31 McNuggets in 20 minutes